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detonated has explosive laden vest killing three. service members according to results appalled statement three have been killed and three more have been wounded one of the wounded is american and to the rest of our afghan police forces local prevention spokesperson confirmed be attacked saying that there are no there is no civilian casualties but it has been a very vulnerable area nearby bagram air base so this because have been vulnerable because it has diminished your number of the u.s. forces in there so taliban have been launching. attacks sometimes mortar attacks and sometimes to plant i.e.d. or improvised explosive device and they usually commit suicide attacks against these forces but the incident does come just one day after two suicide bombers had
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a mosque in the southeast of the country killing thirty nine islamic state said it was behind that massacre although so far there is no information as to who carried out the latest attack on nato soldiers. or russian mole inside the u.s. embassy in moscow this salacious stuff and britain's guardian newspaper has been reveling in the scoop but it's it all it's not all as it seems as he goes down off now expects everybody loves a spy drama mystery suspense and the russian firm fertile. the name of the. song my name is evident then you are a russian spy. this guardian story had every ingredient for a thriller recipe the u.s.
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secret service as quite clearly stems from the very name is one of the most enigmatic agencies of the u.s. government its main function is to protect the lives of u.s. presidents ministers the top political brass and that is where the russians according to the guardian planted a mall the russian spy had been working under texted in the heart of the american embassy in moscow for more than a decade she had plenty of time to gather intelligence without supervision bustles said the guardian's head of investigations that claims she was operational for a whole decade in that time through the agency's internet in e-mail systems she had access to all kinds of highly classified stuff including the shared jewels of the president and vice president all of that according to the guardian the woman fed to the office be russia's security agency before being let go last year over security concerns they had lined the narrative the details looked spectacular in the scoop
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which was even projected to link to a spy ploy in washington d.c. itself or activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the russians were able to hack the twenty sixteen presidential election office of the d.n.c. except the secret service was. unimpressed by the reporting and not out of shame or embarrassment but because of the facts according to the media release within the agency the woman in question held the position of a foreign service national these employees have their duties outlined very strictly as by default the secret service views every one of them surprises as potential spies the woman's responsibilities were limited to things like translation cultural guidance administrative support and i don't mean to offend anybody here but this. sounds more like the job description of a tourist guide rather than a spy
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a material employee and i wish i could say the guardian did not know all these things when publishing the article but they did prior to the guardian publishing their article the u.s. secret service provided their editor with their official statement clearly refuting in found information despite all this the article was published as is after all everybody loves a spy drama but some plots a better be saved for hollywood scripts. and while this particular russian spy story was debunked even by the u.s. secret service itself america's politicians have been doubling down on allegations of moscow meddling in elections and they have pledged protect the upcoming midterm elections in november from foreign interference. our democracy itself is in the crosshairs paid by russia to try to weaken and divide united states threat is not going away to prevent foreign interference
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in our elections to prevent russian and other foreign influence and the russians try to hack into and steal information from candidates and government officials alike cyber attacks against voting infrastructure along with computer intrusions malicious cyber actors targeting elected officials it goes beyond the elections it goes to russia's intent to undermine our democratic values. content is created tested and hosted on platforms such as you tube reddit and pinterest its push to twitter and facebook with their standing audiences in the hundreds of millions and it's targeted at the most receptive this is a problem of the entire information ecosystem this is cross-platform reddit confirm hundreds of ira created accounts tumblr did it. a lot of pride pride related content less news more memes this isn't just
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a couple of platforms this is music apps this is video games this is me i'm sure it's much broader than twitter and google. it's just hilarious when i hear that funny pictures can undermine american democracy i think it's just paranoia that goes off the scale it's not respectable for american lawmakers to make a sensation after the nothing we're not the ones who invented social media and we're not the ones who insisted on making social media open. so everybody says they're going to blame russia for whatever happens in the november elections whatever goes wrong whatever problems we have it's russia's fault there are no racial divisions there is no way in quality of income there are no problems in this country except the ones that are made by russia this is ridiculous what's going on here they have to use something to deflect criticism from their own. rules their own rules ship this is absolutely getting out of control right now i have not seen it like this before and it's getting more and more dangerous when you think of the
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relations between two superpowers they don't want better relations with russia they want to push this line and the yes there's a war between trump and his intelligence still to come in the weekly in paris a volunteer group that gave out free food to the homeless migrants that has been forced to end its activities will explain why he suffered a brain. you
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should. put themselves on the law. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. have to go right to be this is what before. people get. interested in the water our. friendship. hello again the volatile atmosphere and the power still streets is force one prime are going to end its crucial work that according to volunteers the area is now
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unsafe and even minimum security measures are not being met well the group has been working there for almost two years distributing more than two hundred fifty thousand meals and also supplies. reports. in paris is a gritty eighteenth hante small town hundreds of migrants clustered together on the streets they gather here as it's where food is distributed by a local four until group but after twenty months solid data to me call wilson looks set to close its doors saying they just can't take anymore the thoughts of it's become more tense we're serving around seven hundred breakfasts every day to migrants who live in terrible conditions they have nothing not even tends to sleep on the ground and sometimes woken up by the police early in the morning they kick them unused take us to move them so when they come to us they're stressed or nervous twice last week we had to stop serving food to let the tension calm down this is something new for us so yes we're stopping migrants have been expelled by
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police in this area many times philip tells me that despite this they come back and every time they do this situation becomes even more desperate from the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we've done this for twenty months every day during the last month or so we started questioning our mission as we day one i volunteered to be put in danger. who is to blame for this situation with not giving enough help to the migrants on the streets is this the mayor of paris is this the government of france. for us is both the state is responsible for people on the streets for taking in migrants at the same time the authorities in paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer is irresponsible they also have a responsibility towards the miners their miners who you sleep on the street and in the comfort drug addicts me the state nor the parish administration is doing its job. with the authorities not providing enough support the volunteers giving up
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just a stone's throw away from haiti is an area known locally as crack hill that's also made things worse for those working to help the my clients felipe says that some of the drug addicts are also coming for food handouts and causing problems. for the drug addicts revaluated recently but nothing was done to help them and they came back to and now come for a break for us too it creates additional tension they're aggressive including two of the volunteers so this is an explosive situation. while we are recording the interview me the food distribution point to take individuals approach us all moving but i saw an arab owned media which saves your life and i was here i was only. so basically. at the moment because some of the people on the streets are very uncomfortable with the me we're not filming it he says but they just kept up with
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the cameras. he let me take you back see this is. i. think. more people are coming nothing is being done about it and there are the drug addicts as you saw it's impossible to film people here it's becoming more difficult than before we think the situation is explosive and a person is in real danger. by shutting up shop so legality me kong will know that they are cutting off a vital lifeline for vulnerable newcomers but as well as doing it out of concern for their volunteers they hope to move to prompt the authorities to stop ignoring the plight of migrants and force them to take action charlotte do you think ski r.t. paris. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he's escaped an attempt on his life that after drones carrying explosives detonated nearby while he was addressing
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troops in caracas this weekend of video agency ruptly managed to catch the moment on camera how do you go along with a lot of good little through the court normally you know the. president would do or he was unharmed although seven soldiers were injured the venezuelan government says it's already detained some of those behind the assassination plot. also flung blame to its neighboring colombia which denies any involvement an armed group called the flannels soldiers claim. turkey has vowed to retaliate against the u.s. after washington imposed sanctions on two officials in ankara over the detention of american pastor andrew brunson earlier to be rejected a u.s. request to let him return to his homeland brunson is currently under house arrest and is me in turkey turkish president when says that the u.s. move is disrespectful. reduction of our. patience but the step america has taken
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does not fit a step taken towards a strategic partner in america has shown serious disrespect towards turkey. on wednesday the trumpet ministrations slapped economic sanctions on to seeing it to officials and said any property they have in the us will be blocked in response to said it will introduce sanctions of its own targeting the assets of u.s. officials in the country besides freezing their assets ankara also says those targeted will also be prevented from doing business with turkey while a pastor at the center of this dispute is andrew bronson he was detained in twenty sixteen in connection with an attempted coup against president whens government that year he's accused of espionage and assisting terrorist groups a deal between the u.s. and turkey to secure the human genital past his release broke down last month brunson was then transferred to house arrest over health concerns but he's still
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facing thirty five years in jail if found guilty that's led to a heated dispute between the u.s. and turkey but we spoke to former turkish ambassador to the u.s. or law grew he says that the brunson case is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to problems between the u.s. and turkey. this is a relationship that has been strained and nothing only because of faults i mean not really serious but i flew. for the regional shooters and failure as is all the issues as they came up and it is altered in a situation about it was an accumulation of a different of the plant but i.t.s. of. problems the pastor bronson case is it is really basically a detail the us has compass is extremely unhappy with various developments in turkey as the absolute but to purchase as five hundred missiles from
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russia would that have been objections from the necktie allies including the us that this was the create problems for. its nato partners but i think at the end of the day turkey has it either to beef up its. depends system in that the deal with this one hundred says it is in place and it's going up that's how things look and say faucet i hear in the weekly we're back with morphy and you stay behind for. this is harlan kentucky. over all of this move them places people were going street families.
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a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal mines are said i'd. love to see these people a survivor was disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. in a world of big partisan movies a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is
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now for watching closely watching the hawks. womanliness with a post some of this there is a. but i've been up there in all of his bullshit. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of drugs. pushed the fence down. blues that they just step towards world. is the very we are all medical men boy they are this is the this is the big. guys like it isn't it.
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i don't see a porno maybe they don't make or. break. for now well. they got lucky on. my floor when i'm going to be on your guard the minute. he got on michael. and.
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the sincerest not only behind but it's. not begin on my remaining behind it up now michael me. on the sick and the nominee . to go to the president i'm in gonna put a monkey do. feeling . it's forbidden city hall jungle trees on pollo on islands in the philippines in theory the land just protected by unesco but i'm wishing he. sixty thousand hectares of ancient grain forest have been destroyed many say the tawana suffer in the corporate all slots as the forests are replaced by mines and plantations. that make their way from the.
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kids to say very. little to do with. i'm young boy is. what i mean but i don't know not really well i don't know. if i did not. learn new school. harmful impulse born. martin cannot for. not coming from a long way off if. i got up on. that one long. long long moment to buy a lot. of all. you have been several attempts to strip the lawn of its biosphere reserve status
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a local ecologists have farms to protect that you can see from them and from the right it's been lost among will work for certain projects that they start and the mom said that by force only if they are still started poor. it helps protect us from their couldn't but again there is mrs munt for plunder your sister like for example of this is a good thing here because this is these are only guys and become known as among groups that's what sometimes it. really is. one general the west here the high ranking general for illegal. the beauty or discover the malaysia when you're not. ahead of the money that is the illegal things and you know they're trying to.
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piece the poor. little money. they will obey your order let them sign in a place of birth and they never thought that that he learns are only beginning taken out. for years. sometimes years by force should normally be the answer but then there's some scientists. who have managed to do my do i you mind going to. europe on you know no money no no . no what i'm missing a simple plan if you are enough. by the ground and. i don't know for you from a man i mean. there's not a person. you know well.
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i am i don't know i mean don't back it going to go popular must have been know to do mining and indeed while. i'm cool with michael i figured it was i mean in. the knowledge that what i did. but i am going to bust out of the number one i'm not going to go what. are you. going to. write i don't larking you began your lumpy era right i don't mung i'm a million million indeed i'm just i'm not beyond india nominee we've been taught to be have been you don't quite know what you're going on and i got back to income you go ok i'm charming and you can. hear in groups playing. mining companies and the mole was a serious problem but now very now yes you can corp before you can secure this they should be
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a municipal indorsement there should be public consultation there was none. but he told me from d.n.r. that fifty million faceless lists. some of the officials in the in are for that i think we need to be sure. as an alternative to poaching tribes people are recruited to work with tourists. muddies the water table and a button. on the. bottom at. the. honeybee.
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only known. or unknown along. now only. i was not really going on only. only. what i'm going for your money on and what i'm doing moneymaker for. the. syrian and. numbers you know no. of course enough and i want you to know. but i'm not going
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to get. my number nguyen going commie pinkos. you know and that any young people on the. under. high pressure building would find your voice balled up a lot. that not. an operatic. you don't mock on you are done. by out. by the on bottom.
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and. not. be. out of. i've been. i've been.
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